Club Nova
Club Nova - Who we are

The Mission
Club Nova promotes and provides opportunities for individuals with mental illness to lead meaningful and productive lives of their choice in the community.

Who we are
Founded in 1987 to address the needs of Orange County citizens living with mental illness, Club Nova provides a holistic, caring environment designed to promote rehabilitation and reintegration into the community.

Club Nova follows the successful Clubhouse Model pioneered by Fountain House in New York City. Club Nova focuses on members' strengths and potential rather than illness.

A Place to Come
Mental Illness typically isolates individuals from society. Club Nova provides a place to come for a sense of belonging, acceptance, friendships, and repeated opportunities.

Club Nova offers:
A place to come six days a week
Support through a newly discovered circle of friends
Opportunities to gain confidence through the work-ordered day
A range of employment opportunities
Access to housing
Supported education
Evening and weekend social/recreation programs
Community support services (case management)
13 affordable meals each week

Meaningful Work
To live meaningful lives, we each must have some place that expects us - where we are needed. Members are needed at Club Nova.